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First established as ground handling company in 1990, KBAS / World Aviation has grown into a leading general aviation company.


1990.  KBAS was founded

1991.  Handler of Universal Weather & Aviation Inc.

1992.  Handler of Jeppesen Data Plan

1995.  Handler of Base Ops

1997.  Handler of Air Routing

2002.  World Aviation was founded

2005.  Part 145 Approved Maintenance organization

Ground handling services are available upon request by KBAS/WA in S.Korea

KBAS/WA provide full ground handling services at all airports in Korea, ranging from business jet, cargo, ambulance, military, and diplomatic flights.


Landing permit takes two working days for civil airports, a day for urgent flights, and seven working days for military airports.


All airports have curfew except RKSI. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

Are you arranging a trip with private jet to South Korea?

Welcome! Whether you are departing in your private jet or arriving from another airport, KBAS/WA convenient Fixed Base Operations (FBO) locations in South Korea will change the way you view business and personal travel.

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